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Mundicorte was founded in 1988 in association with a clothing company with extensive experience in textile since 1975 for working on shirts and blouses.


Since then the company has been following the increased demands of adapting to market both in design and manufacture; the best employees and Implementing always the most current technology to serve their best customers and their needs with a quality of excellence.


With the collaboration of its more than 200 employees with continuing education faces the market with all the normal conducting all the necessary changes that require adjustments; may currently serve clients as clients of large series and small series. The requirement of its customers has made us to organize a company dedicated to provide pants, dresses, blouses and others with the same quality as your original product.


With an internal capacity of 2000 pieces a day it is a qualified company with Leader of PMEs in the area of apparel exports, which has been stated in the market as textile producer of excellence through the statement of its customers which makes a company more perfect in their day to day.



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Women wear


We are distributors of own brand and chain stores

  • Boomerang International
  • Henri Lloyd
  • Fuentecapala
  • Emile Lafaurie 
  • Terre et Merre 
  • Peak Performance 
  • Drykorn
  • Balenciaga
  • Closed
  • Xandres
  • Aires & Sons
  • MHL - Margaret Howell
  • Trangoworld
  • Wolkswagen, Volvo, Vianor
  • Fashionizer
  • Turnover
  • Ovalto
  • Scalpers 
  • Gianni Versace Spa
  • YMC (Toast Mail Order) Ltd
  • French Connection UK Ltd
  • Roberto Verino
  • Just Lust
  • Roberto Verino
  • Moschino
  • Carolina Herrera

Mundicorte-Confecção e Importação-Exportação de Têxteis Lda
São Martinho do Campo - Mundicorte Textile

Textile Import / Export

Avenida Comendador Abílio Ferreira Oliveira 326 São Martinho do Campo
( Santo Tirso  -  Campo, S.Salvador Campo, Negrelos )
252 840 210
252 841 091